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Free Solar Leasing program

is now available in California




( free leasing program )

Our mission is to provide Free Solar Chargers for California and America.

Many California Business locations are now eligible to receive free solar chargers under the:

Electrify California Free Leasing Program

These Free Solar Electric Chargers are designed to provide Free Solar Charging for electric cars and hybrid plug-in cars.

The Electrify California Free Solar Charge program is now available Free to a limited number of California Business Owners so they can offer their customers and visitors free electric charging for their electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars.

Electrify California is part of the "Solar Charge Revolution" to provide free solar charging for electric cars in California and across America.

Free Solar Chargers are only available for a limited time.

Contact us now to reserve your free Solar Chargers.






Electrify California

(challenges and solutions)

Electrify California is responsible for providing Free Solar Charging in California and lead the nation in creating a pollution free future. Our goal is to help California become a Zero emission state.

Electrify California is part of our mission to Electrify America with Free Solar Chargers.

We hope our Electrify California Program of installing free solar charging stations will encourage the rest of America and other countries to follow with similar Free Solar Charging programs.

Free Solar Charging in California can be an important part of California's goal for pollution free vehicles and Free Solar Charging is a great way to encourage everyone to buy and drive electric cars.

Sales of electric cars and plug-in hybrids have reached new highs, especially here in California, so free solar charging for these vehicles is now more important than ever.

Electrify California believes that only by providing Free Solar Charging will we reach our goal of creating a pollution free California.

California has been a leader in setting goals to encourage people to switch from internal combustion engine Cars to Electric Vehicles; however, several challenges still stand in the way of achieving these goals:

The Challenge is Range Anxiety

Range anxiety prevents many from buying Electric Cars as an all around car since it can only travel a very limited distance before needing recharging, hence longer trips are usually done driving a regular polluting car.

The Solution to Range Anxiety

California has a lack of electric charging stations everywhere except major cities. One reason is that regular charging stations need access to high voltage electrical connections not available in the rest of the state and more importantly, they place them only where they can make a healthy profit, not necessarily where they are most needed. Fortunately, our proprietary Solar Charging technology allows us to put our chargers everywhere, especially where they are most needed and because they are free to use, we are not guided by what locations are most profitable.

The Challenge is Sufficient Electric Grid Power

As electric vehicles become more popular they inadvertently create their own problems. More standard charging stations put a heavy demand on utility companies who need to invest more and more in transformers and building new power plants to keep up with the increased electricity demand. As some electric power plants still use coal as an energy source, this creates even more pollution.

The Solution is Free Solar Power

Our Free Solar Charging Stations are not only pollution free and free to use, they actually help create more solar power for the power companies because each of our solar charging stations, when not charging your car, actually sends Solar Generated, Pollution Free Electricity back to the utility companies. So, rather than use massive amounts of electricity like other charging stations, Solar Powered Chargers actually don't use their electricity; instead, we help make more solar generated electricity for them. Just think of the difference thousands of Solar Stations will make by supplying more and more of California's Electricity from Solar, while putting even more Electric Cars on the road each year.

The Challenge is Hybrid Car Pollution

Hybrid Cars are more popular than ever with millions of hybrids on the road today; unfortunately, even plug in hybrids only run on electricity a very small part of the time, especially on trips.

The Solution is to Charge Hybrids Free Everywhere

Electrify California's plan is to provide our Free Solar Charging Stations where ever they are needed so Plug-in Hybrids can run like a fully electric car, since they can charge free anywhere. We project that more and more hybrid electric cars will benefit from running on pure electricity, after all why pay for gasoline and pollute when you get free electric power.

The Challenge is Pollution

Since a dependable network of Free Solar Charging Stations are not yet available in California, most people will continue to drive cars that pollute.

"The Solution to Pollution"

The Solution to pollution is to install a dependable network of Free Solar Charging Stations in California. Electrify California believes the combination of Free Fuel and the ability to charge their electric cars free everywhere they travel in California will encourage everyone to switch to electric cars now, not in some distant future.


To Electrify California we will all need to work together so we can all benefit from a clean and sustainable grid of Free Solar Charging Stations and a Free Solar Powered future for California.

Join us to Electrify California now and create a pollution free California.





"The Solution to Pollution"



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